What is BB Code?

BB code is a small collection of HTML instructions. It permits you to add certain functions or change your record, to which you would have normally use HTML instructions.

URL hyper links

Write the complete URL in any to the following ways and the links are automatically provided:

The [url] code works according to the method described below. Use the link as in the following example: (BB code is red)

  • [url]www.phpmyfaq.de[/url]
  • [url=http://www.phpmyfaq.de]phpMyFAQ Homepage[/url]

In this example, the BB code automatically generates a link of the URL, which is between the BB code. Clicking on the link opens a new window.

Bold and italic writing, underlinings

You can use italic or bold writing or underlining, by inserting the text between the BB code [b][/b] or [i][/i] or [u][/u]. These three instructions can be also combined.

  • Hello, [b]world![/b]
  • Hello, [i]universe[/i]
  • Hello, [u]europe[/u]!
Lists and centering text

In order to center a part of your text, you can use the [center] instruction:

  • [center]Welcome to the real world![/center]

A list shows each object in the list, all with a bullet symbol before it. In order to provide a list, use [ul][/ul] and each object indicates tags within the list, by using one [li]. Example:


That would result in the following list:

  • Neo
  • Trinity
  • Morpheus
Insert from pictures

In order to insert a picture into your record, you can use the URL of the picture within the BB code (BB code is red):

  • [img]http://www.psychoterror.de/images/beispiel.gif[/img]

Note: The "http://" part of the URL is NECESSARY for [img] code!

Quote contributions

In order to refer to a text, which is on another site, copy the text simply into your record within the BB code (BB code is red):

  • [quote]Wieso ist die Erde keine Scheibe?[/quote]

In the example the text is in-reprimanded automatically by the BB code and inserted between two horizontal lines.

Code instruction

Similarly to the [quote] code, this code adds <PRE> Instructions in addition, in order to maintain formatting. That is particularly helpful, in order to represent e.g. programming code.

print "Hello World!";

In this example, the BB code maintains the formatting automatically.

For code examples in PHP, you can use the following BB code alternatively:

print "Hello World!";

In use of the [php] code is represented with syntax Highlighting.


You cannot use HTML and BB code at the same time. All BB code must be in lower case (i.e., you can use [url], but not [URL].