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About Us :
Our Evolution is India's first and leading portal website serving the Metal, Steel, Ferro Alloy, Minerals, Recycling & Commodities Industries since 1997. Having started as a venture to spread Internet awareness amongst ALL Indian Metal & Steel companies and to inform them about the oportunity that Internet has opened up for them & to help companies, both big and small, to explore Global Markets for expanding their businesses and for promoting Trade and Information exchange related to the industry, the site recevied tremendous response from world over within a few months of its launch. Within a year the site had received visitors from over 200 countries. Since 1997 has grown tremendously without any help of sponsors or funding from venture capitalists or Investors involvement.

Screen Shots of previous incarnations of the site.
 Screen shots of the site as it evolved through the years...

Since most of the services offered by the site were free mainly because of the philosophy of the visionary promotors, provided Basic Local & International News as well as Prices & other information via the site but was unable to provide a few very important services that it intended to provide for the Metal & Steel community because of the Huge funds requirement & Royalties demanded by service providers, and lack of support from the Metal & Steel Industry members in 1997-8 when most people lacked basic Internet connectivity let alone email. As initial investment was required mainly for technology & information providers, the site had indeed turned out to be an expensive hobby for the promoters, which they neither let go nor expanded to the level of their expectations mainly because of lack of knowledge about Internet benefits for the Industry and thereby our country. Just when the promoters were looking for a way to make the Metal / Steel Industry Internet Aware, the sudden E-Commerce bug hit the Metal & Steel Industry in the year 2000. Every second page in International Trade Magazines were plastered with new E-Comm websites. Having known the pulse & psychology of Internet Metal, Steel community for 3 years, decided to go into hibernation & postpone their plans till the bubble burst.

During that period, the promoters were approached by a leading Bank for providing E-Commerce Gateway around mid 2000, which was turned down by them, because unlike the masses our promoters firmly beleived that such E-Commerce transactions were not for this Industry and sites like this could never really so called eliminate the middle men whilst they themselves "ate" the commission by terming it service charges. Whilst many Indian Steel Mills and Other Institutional investors joined the E-Commerce Band wagon, promoters were also approached by an American Venuture Capital company through their Indian office in 2000 who were again turned down by the promotors because they were very clear that by making false revenue module projections for starting E-Commerce projects in this Industry, it would be impossible to recover the costs put in especially when most Indian E-Commerce company professionals expected to earn USD salaries whilst working from their homes developing sites that too with a short term vision or perhaps not having longer foresight!

Finally the bubble burst as our promoters expected & it was time to wake up again and continue along the mission which was started in the first place. Looking at the brighter side of things, thanks to the E-commerce "bug" Internet awareness was luckily spread amongst the Metal & Steel community not just in India but world over, thanks to the huge amounts of costs incurred in conducting conferences and website development etc etc.

The new Avataar of will now being revealed step by step.....

In the Press

In the mean time long before the glossy ads of E-Comm websites were pasted all over Trade Magazines, was reviewed by an International Trade Magazine based in Netherlands in 1999, and the UK-based Metal Industry and Web expert who reviewd the site was quick to point out in his concluding statement that "A SITE OF THIS QUALITY DESERVES A SPONSOR WITH A REFINED APPROACH". was also surprisingly spotted by PC WORLD magazine and a site review appeared in their issue under INDIA's TOP 100 websites in 1999 May. Web Vision, a publication from the Indian Express Group had a cover page story in their publication in March 1998. Without having spent any effort in Marketing the site to the International & Indian MEDIA was lucky to get this publicity. One of our well wishers from United States of America also emailed us an article about our site that appeared in the popular American Metal industry Portal, American Metal Mart.

Our Investors is currently inviting Institutional Sponsorships from Related Industry Stalwarts who understand the implications of how Technology can help boost Trade between India and the world both in terms of Import & Export. Our team of experts, both Technology pundits as well as Industry Gurus have complete confidence in ensuring that will pave the way to provide valuable & critical information into the Hands of every Techno savvy Industrialist or enthusiast without them having to venture out to connect to the net!

We would also welcome Personalities & Dignitaries from Indian Metal, Steel, Mineral, Ferro-Alloy, Mining, & Commodity Industries including NRI's to be on our Board of Advisors, so that they can help us in focussing attention in facilitating Trade & Commerce, including setting up of Manufacturing Units and Technology Transfers between countries for improving India Industry Infrastructure and making it a Global force to recon with. We hope you will join us in this OPEN WEB BASED MISSION.

Corporate Head Office currently operates from Mumbai, India's Commercial Hub and intends to set up operational tieups with companies all over India in order to help increase its user database of Metal, Steel, Mineral, Commodity and Recycling companies so that all companies can use to make it their Gateway to the World Industries.

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